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Re: There's a new map of the BSG star system...

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If the Colonials had terraforming technology at any point, odds are at least 1 or 2 out of the 50,000 survivors would have some knowledge of it. It was never even mentioned which tells me it's a capability they do not and did not possess.
I wouldn't be so sure. Never mind The Wrath Of Khan; terraforming would most likely be a huge undertaking, taking decades or even thousands of years. I don't think that it was really the first thing on the minds of many ofthe 50,000 semi-random survivors.
I never once said it was the first thing on their minds. Obviously, escape and immediate survival were more important.

But once they started seriously considering settling down (Kobol, New Caprica, etc.) they never once mentioned terraforming or anything resembling it. New Caprica would've been the ideal time to drop at least a reference to it. From everything presented on screen there was no evidence that the Colonials had any capabilities that could modify a planet's climate or atmospheric composition.
OR, none of the planets they encountered after leaving the Colonies were transformable using the methods they knew. Kobol suffered the same fate as the Colonies and Cylon Earth - probably worse being the origin world - and might have been unrecoverable. New Caprica looked to be in the middle of a mini ice age and the Humans would probably have died off before any serious terraforming took hold. The Algae Planet already had a breathable atmosphere and something else the Colonials needed, so terraforming it would have been counterproductive. Same for our Earth. Combine all this with the fact they were still being chased by the Cylons and having them sit back and talk about terraforming would be a waste of airtime. It's a storyline that would go nowhere and do nothing.
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