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GokaiPink and GokaiGreen + All Forms

GoukaiRed, and his fleet of heroes.

GoukaiYellow and GoukaiBlue

GoukaiPink and GoukaiGreen

Gokaiblue and GokaiYellow + All Forms

GokaiRed + All Forms

The villains- The Zangyaku

Episode one's story translated

In order to find the legendary "The Greatest Treasure in the whole universe" Captain Marvelous travels through the universe together with his crew.
One day Captain Marvelous encounters the Space Country, Zangyaku's armada. Even though they are at a disadvantage, Captain Marvelous decides to attack them. Eventually Captain Marvelous and his crew arrives at earth trying to get a meal, but Zangyaku shows up and attacks them.
There they start fighting like pirates should fight. Thus making enemies with the Space Country, Zangyaku.

Team photos. What's interesting is that the some of the suits have added skirts because the Gokaiger girls will use those forms

Tiger ranger was originally male in Zyuranger

In MMPR it was a girl.

So now Gokaiger has added a proper skirt.

Lightspeed Rescue- Female in Power Rangers

GoYellow- Male in Sentai

There are at least a handful of modified suits.
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