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Re: There's a new map of the BSG star system...

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If the Colonials had terraforming technology at any point, odds are at least 1 or 2 out of the 50,000 survivors would have some knowledge of it. It was never even mentioned which tells me it's a capability they do not and did not possess.
I'm not sure what you mean by terraforming technology or capability. We ourselves already know how to terraform; we've had that knowledge for decades. What we don't have is power or capacity. (And don't conjure up notions of vast atmo-producing machines as seen in Serenity. That's the stuff of fairy tales.)

The easiest way to terraform a planet like Mars, for example, is to bombard it with ice-rich comets harvested from the Oort Cloud. There's your oxygen and water. Lace the clouds with earthly bacteria and you're on your way.

Granted, a terraforming effort would take centuries if not millennia. But we could begin the process today, IF we had the power. We don't. Nothing in BSG suggested the rag-tag fleet had that kind of power either.
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