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Re: There's a new map of the BSG star system...

pst wrote: View Post
but uh, i have to imagine there were more than 12 battles anyway. so that hybrid was full of it.
Good point. It also means that many of the minor colonies would have to be ignored.
The population of the major colonies seems to be about 30 billion in total. Can anyone remember if Tigh put the total number of casualties at 20 billion or 30 billion in the Resistance webisodes? If the latter, it seems that he may have been kind of right despite Gaeta's later figure of 50 billion.

fett51 wrote: View Post
That map is full of oddities. Caprica and Gemenon orbit each other, and Aerilon and Canceron share an orbit in the Lagrange points of a star and a large gas giant, for instance. Speaking as an astrophysics geek, this is certainly one weird set of systems, but it's not impossible. The only one that bugs me is Scorpia and Libran, their orbits/planetary conditions look too close.
Troy looks like it could be as hot as Mercury, too.

6079SmithW wrote: View Post
I am only half joking because the speculation that the system is stable and viable for humans, even in its somewhat weird configuration, is due to God willing it to be so is a completely valid argument in context of the BSG-verse.
True. God/Q/whatever does work. There are probably half-a-dozen workable explanations where there's some klind of relevant precedent in BSG lore.

Frontman wrote: View Post
Seeing this planets makes me think again how is it possible that those people came from Kobol and don't remember it although they have distant past seen on artifacts in Adama's office? They spoke of Kobol as "myth" and "old wives tale". Maybe angels deleted their memory? I mean they did make allusion of it in "Malestrom" after Starbuck (an angel) died Adama destroyed that old sailing ship.
I think that maybe angels deleted their common sense. The first cylon war seems to have left them with an anti-progress, anti-technology mindset as alluded to in the miniseries. The idea of them just forgetting things because they happened a few thousand years ago isn't really a strong argument; given the technology that they seemingly had back then, the retention of records for prosperity ought to have been no problem. But then again, we have no real idea of the number of refugees. It may only have been akin to the population of the colonial fleet, or fewer.

HarryM wrote: View Post
If you look at the Map it says they tried to "Kobolform" Pallas but were unsuccessful.
Good catch. Maybe Kobol looked like Earth-1 and Earth-2.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
If the Colonials had terraforming technology at any point, odds are at least 1 or 2 out of the 50,000 survivors would have some knowledge of it. It was never even mentioned which tells me it's a capability they do not and did not possess.
I wouldn't be so sure. Never mind The Wrath Of Khan; terraforming would most likely be a huge undertaking, taking decades or even thousands of years. I don't think that it was really the first thing on the minds of many ofthe 50,000 semi-random survivors.
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