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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

Emh wrote: View Post

David, did you see my review? If nothing else, I'm curious to know the origin of Ensign Orr.
Yes, sorry, I'd intended to respond. I actually did not name Orr; the character was mentioned in the Deep Space Nine episode "Paradise Lost."

Enterpriserules wrote: View Post

David I know how the series ended and the some people were gone from the station. These characters and this series deserve the story to be fleshed out and continued in the same way it has been done. To jump and leave us all hanging as to the motivations of the characters becuase we never get to see how they progressed to the point they are at now is ridiculous. That is why it feels dead and the motivations of Sisko in RBoTE feel so false. The decision to make the jump may have been made but it is a bad one IMHO.
Thanks for characterizing my work as "ridiculous." You're too kind.

Again, I have no problem with people disliking, even hating, my work (though I don't care for insults much). But you apparently object to the time jump, but where did Sisko jump from? Last we saw him, he was living a quiet life on Bajor. I pick him up aboard New York during the Borg invasion. Did you really need to see the meeting where he was asked to re-up to defend the Federation from slaughter? I preferred simply to begin in the middle of action, as opposed to in the middle of a conversation. You also say that you never got to see how his motivations progressed. Except that I began in a brutal invasion of the Federation, I showed
Did I show every contributing factor? No, because I determined just how much I needed to show without hitting the same point too many times.

SicOne wrote: View Post

I imagine I'll find the answer to #1 either in RBoE or a subsequent book, but thanks for answering #2, pardner.
What happened to cause the loss of New York's captain does not appear in Rough Beasts of Empire, nor has it been seen anywhere else.

I think I'm about done reading and posting here. I don't ever have any issue when people don't like my work, but the negativity and dichotomous personality of the board is just becoming incredibly tiresome. Posters here clamor for the Deep Space Nine story line to be brought "up to date" with the "current" literary Trek timeline, and then when it happens, other posters denounce the move. I didn't make the decision to jump forward in time, but it's a perfectly legitimate storytelling device. I understand the frustration with losing the thread of the Ascendants plot--I'd like to read the denouement of that particular tale myself, not to mention that I'd like to write it--but that doesn't mean other stories can't be read and enjoyed, or despised, on their own merits.
Regards, David

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