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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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^ I like to think that Picard is still captaining the Enterprise because of Kirk's advice in GEN not to let them promote him out of that chair.

Indeed! But as Picard would be about 70something now, I think its time for a new generation. Its their turn now. I picture Picard as being ok with the idea of the Enterprise launching under the command of a young 40 something Captain. He had that moment once. Its someone elses turn now. I think the lesson of Picard at the end of Generations was, its ok to grow old and to let go of the past, of the 'what might have beens',etc.
Do you mean the actor's age or the character's age? In the Trek universe people get well beyond 150 years old. I don't think they spend 80 years of their lives in retirement.
About the same for both, although the charachter might be a bit older. Unfortunetly, being played by modern actors who age at todays ordinary rate introduces the ordinary problems associated with that.

It should be said though that humans are never generally shown as aging much differently than they do now. The longer lifespan seems like a lengthening of being elderly and not a prolongation of middle age or youth. They could just cast 60 yo actors and have them say they are 120 but I dont recall that being done. When we see very old humans, they look and seem very old.

So id have to say that 70+ still seems quite old for a captain. In the real world most captains are 40's-50's. Usually by ones 60's theyve retired or been promoted. And you dont get to stay at a rank or a job for any arbitrarily long time that you want to. At some point you get orders that you are being relieved and a new CO is being assigned, and thats that. You have your orders, end of discussion.

Obviously they take a bit of license with this for story and other reasons. But I think its time for a change. This is probably only relevant to fan fiction or the novels as another time travel story in the movies seems slim at best.

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