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Re: Jan. Challenge: "On the Conservation of Species"

I really enjoyed this story, Nerys Ghemor. The mention of Machiavelli now makes me wonder about how the Cardassians would perceive Vulcan telepathy, and the threat it may represent to security, as well as how it might be conscripted into any local cultural practices.

Purely on a cultural level this story raises a lot of intriguing questions. For one thing, what of the legalities and religious reservations involved in Vulcan mating/death rituals? What of government representation? Well that's a can of worms.

I enjoyed this story; its unfolding, pacing and character perceptions too. Makes me curious what would happen that nobody predicted. And I'd definitely want to be a fly on the wall in those meetings with Vulcan delegates present and arguing as if their lives depended on it.

Thanks for writing it! Well done!

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