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Re: ENT actors' upcoming shows (TV, stage, film)

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Scott (Archer) Bakula's new series "Men of a Certain Age" starts airing new episodes again on TNT (I think?)
Great series! Second season is outstanding so far, as was the first! Scott is great and who knew series creator Ray Romano could really act? Wow!
I thought the same thing about Ray, and what a totally different kind of character for Scott. I was really surprised how good the show was when I started watching it.

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I just hope he's not going to be cannon fodder.
Or more importantly, CANON fodder!

I'm just worried he's playing a dead body because his character doesn't appear (so far) to have a name.
Hopefully, it's just a matter of someone adding the credit to his page without knowing what his character's name was going to be and not an indication of the role's size or it's significance. *crosses fingers for Connor* I'm just shocked that it and the Pretty Little Liars credit made it up there before each show aired - they're usually a bit late with the displaying. So Yay for that!
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