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Re: Setting Bridge Commander up from scratch

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Hi gang, I recently upgraded my PC to a Win7 machine and I've dusted off the original Bridge Commander - I've read it still works fine on 7, and would like to give it a try as it's been quite some time.


- I have two monitors, how does BC fare on that? Do I jsut get a blacnk second screen in 7?

- What is the sequence of installs for the patches / whatever from bcfiles? Back on the XP machine I got a couple crashes as I loaded it up... I wonder if there's a better order to upgrade the basic machine?

-Since I haven't in quite some time, I'm gonna go through the story mode first. Will BC handle all the latest model upgrades in that, or should I just leav it be?

Thanks for any pointers!

Install BC as normal (no difference for Win 7). Install the patch and thats it! I'd recommend the Kobayashi Maru expansion from

Not tried it on multiscreen - I wouldn't imagine it'd work (but would be great if it did!)
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