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Re: Windows 7 ST Game Install & Run Issues with Solutions

Well for Starfleet Command I got it to run using the following method I was turned on to in another thread..

1. Insert CD and run setup exe as administrator.

2. Once files are loaded, go into the install directory. across the top where the name, size, type is located click on the file type.

3. then click on applications, to bring up only the exe files..

4. Right click on each exe file. click on properties, click on compatibility tab.

5. put a check in compatibility mode for (WTF!) windows 2000...go figure.

6. Now the boring stuff... put a check in both visual themes and desktop composition and run in admin.

7. if you want to be real sure click on the show setting for all users tab and redo the whole process once more.

This method also works with Klingon Honor Guard and several other Non-trek games...
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