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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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ngc7293, I'm pretty sure somebody did mention Nathan Fillion. The problem I have with that is could he make me forget about Malcom Reynolds if he took on another captains role in another scifi show.
Well, I'm still not going to sit all day and read 20 pages Anyway there have been great actors from very memorable shows that did a good job of playing a different character. One was Spike on Torchwood and he didn't remind me of Spike. If an actor is good and is given a good script to work with I don't see why He or she can't do a good job of making you forget about that role they are known for.

Keenu Reeves is known for Neo but he has played so many other roles and he doesn't get the "that reminds me of Neo" thinking.

Now granted we are talking about Trek so there is no chance in Hell of getting good writing so you are probably write that this actor will be reminded of Mal.
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