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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

SicOne wrote: View Post

(1) What was the situation in which the USS New York lost her captain and several important crew members, rendering Sisko in charge?
That would be telling.

SicOne wrote: View Post

(2) What class of ship was the USS Cutlass?
I don't think the class of Cutlass made it into the final draft, but I intended it to be Saber-class (or Sabre-class; the spelling seems indeterminate).

the_wildcard wrote: View Post

To that end, I thought Mr. George did a terrific job in creating a very tangled web of interstellar deceit and murder.....otherwise known as politics .
Thanks...and please call me David.

the_wildcard wrote: View Post

1) Just to confirm, the kidnapping of was never mentioned in any other novel, correct? I just want to make sure I didn't forget reading a ST novel.

2) Just to confirm, Vaughn's change of command assignment was never mentioned in any other novel, correct?
No, the kidnapping has not to this point appeared in another Trek work, and neither has Vaughn's change of command assignment.

Enterpriserules wrote: View Post

I think what pissed me off about this book the most was that life ZSH it took another DS9 character away from DS9. All the other series have a lot of their main characters still with them, or they have has continuous story lines to explain their exit from that series to another, but DS9 has really gotten the short end of the stick here and most of the characters are not even on DS9 or near it anymore for the series to continue well.
Yeah. Here's the thing: if you're referring to Sisko, I didn't take him off of Deep Space Nine. For some strange reason, it appears that some readers don't seem to recall where the television series actually ended. As of the final episode, Sisko had left DS9 and ascended to the Celestial Temple; Worf had departed to become the Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire; the O'Brien clan left to return to Earth; Jadzia had died; Rom and Leeta took up residence on Ferenginar; Garak remained on Romulus; Odo joined the Great Link; the Founder leader was in prison; Weyoun, Damar, Dukat, and Winn all died. All of that happened in the series, not in the books that followed. The ongoing literary saga did ultimately see Sisko return from the Celestial Temple...but not to Deep Space 9; he went to live a fairly uncomplicated live on Bajor.
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