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Re: There's a new map of the BSG star system...

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Four stars? Really?
Could've been worse, there's a seven star system in Cassiopeia

That map is full of oddities. Caprica and Gemenon orbit each other, and Aerilon and Canceron share an orbit in the Lagrange points of a star and a large gas giant, for instance. Speaking as an astrophysics geek, this is certainly one weird set of systems, but it's not impossible. The only one that bugs me is Scorpia and Libran, their orbits/planetary conditions look too close.
There's no reason you can't have a lot of stairs grouped together in one system, it just strains credibility that you could have planets in stable orbits--much less have them be habitable--in such a system.
Yeah, but this is BSG, so...God did it.
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