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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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I wouldn't be certain that the plan is for Sisko to stay where he is now forever, if only because you might've expected more than one member of his crew to be introduced if they were going to be a fixture of the Deep Space Nine milieu.
I think the concern expressed was more that Sisko would no longer be a part of the DS9 milieu, not that the Robinson's crew would become a part of it. Indeed, to the extent that future DS9 novels accept Sisko's reasoning in RBoE as legitimate, it is hard to see how he could return to DS9/Bajor.

Now obviously, Sisko's reasoning strikes me as absurd, so to the extent that future DS9 novels consider it as such, then he could return more easily, having emerged from his stupor and realized the folly of his behavior in this novel.

Or maybe he just had to divorce Kassidy and now everything is ok? But if so, why did he cut ties with everyone on Bajor including his young daughter?

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