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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

I just finished the novel and also did a quick search through the forums before voicing my comments and question.

Like some other readers, I incorrectly assumed this would be a DS9 novel. I had to remind myself that in the end, it's not a DS9 novel but just one snippet of the larger and complex Typhon Pact saga.

To that end, I thought Mr. George did a terrific job in creating a very tangled web of interstellar deceit and murder.....otherwise known as politics .

I apologize if my questions were answered before but I did not find them in my cursory search.

1) Just to confirm, the kidnapping of was never mentioned in any other novel, correct? I just want to make sure I didn't forget reading a ST novel.

2) Just to confirm, Vaughn's change of command assignment was never mentioned in any other novel, correct?
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