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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

10. Black Swan (B+)
11. Made in Dagenham (B)

Self-consciously charming British period piece about a 1968 labour strike by female machinists at a Ford plant to secure equal pay. Features a great lead performance by Sally Hawkins as the working class ringleader (her best scene is probably when she goes to complain about her son's teacher, and his blatant snobbery leaves her almost in tears and unable to say anything). Also some memorable supporting parts, notably Bob Hoskins (as a sympathetic union rep) and Rosamund Pike (who really should be a bigger name than she is); also Andrea Riseborough, who's been getting a lot of namechecks as an actress on the make. By turns rather incisive and somewhat simplistic (though "equal pay for women" isn't really an issue with a lot of nuance, admittedly); cheerful fun. This had some Oscar hopes starting out that didn't materialize, but it would at the very least have made the Golden Globe for Musical/Comedy category a little less embarassing had it been nominated in lieu of The Tourist.
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