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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Are you burned out on Trek Simming because you:

are required to simm according to someone else’s excessive limits?

are frustrated with bureaucracies, politics, stifling rules, and punishments?

have to write long proposals to a command structure for one small change on your ship, or to promote an excellent player?

are told you can’t play the character you have written with for 5 years because he or she is too high in rank and you don’t want to demote them?

have to have a certain number of players on your game, and a certain level of activity?
waste valuable time filing monthly reports rather than actually playing?

We at Task Force 93 are all Trek simming veterans and have all been there, and we say ‘no’ to this!

If you are there and yearn for a Trek simming experience that is fun and satisfying, we invite you to join us. In Task Force 93, “Yes“ and “you can” are the answers because in Task Force 93 you are the master of your own destiny. There is no command structure to be subservient to, every CO has a vote and a voice. You run your game in your own way, and we give you hosting on our wiki to do it. We have only 6 simple rules to follow. Task Force 93: the fulfilling Star Trek simming experience.

Task Force 93 is now mobile friendly : review forums posts on our bulletin via your mobile device: visit our forums for details.

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