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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

The problem is that there's a disconnect between our owners and the board that they put in place to manage the club on their behalf. I'm not entirely sure how aware they are of what are situation is. For a lot of them they make the right noises about being in it for the right reasons, but it's clear that they see it as a hobby-type interest, or that it's a great (or so they think) business opportunity.

They've consistently said that their aims are to make the club a global brand, and to get them back into the Premier League. They need to realise that they have no chance of the former without the latter, and that they have no chance at the latter without investment in the team. The current approach will chip away at the debt, which isn't really a priority any more as it's very manageable as it is, but it won't get us anywhere near promotion anytime soon.

Clough has been responsible for some of the defeats of late, playing players out of position, not changing the system until it's too late etc, but I'd love to know how he'd do given a bit of backing for a change. The lad from Notts County looked handy on Saturday, but we need more like him and a few better still.

Have to agree about the point on protests, it won't get us anywhere unfortunately. And we don't have the leverage of the debt to manipulate their departure like at Liverpool. We're just going to have to wait and hope that someone like Gadsby puts together an offer that they can't or won't refuse.

At the moment I see us going nowhere without further investment, and the drip-fed approach isn't going to cut it.

I'm still waiting to see where this permanent replacement for Hulse is. I suspect that one's another of Glick's 'Shaun Barker-like fees' comments, ie. bullshit.
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