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Re: Art that doesn't need its own thread

backstept wrote: View Post
didn't think these deserved a separate thread

I felt like cooking up a new design, and this is the start of it
it's a Nebula class refit, decided to go with USS Endeavor (yeah, like the world needs another Endeavor)
this time NCC-82035
probably early 25th century, no uber stuff on it . . . just the regular assortment of weapons/shuttles etc
and of course the 'super sensors'

I like to think that after his time on Titan, Ra-Havreii went back to working on new ships, and the Nebula refit was one of the designs he pitched in on, and the Endeavor wasn't one of his personal projects, but used his template from other Nebula refits
that's just what came through my head while drawing this guy up . . . I fully expect the treklit powers that be to go a different way

well here's the pics

please pardon my lack of scanner
also the saucer oval in the top view wouldn't be visible under the 'wings' of the sensor sail
I printed the oval out of autocad so I could have a decent shape . . . oval is tough to do freehand as evidenced by the underside pic
awesome Design idea to me
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