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Re: Skrain or Elmo Dukat?

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I like to think his first name is Gul. like Darth Vader's was Darth, before it was badly retconned to be the title of every bad guy with a lightsaber.
Actually the term 'Gul' was first used - as a Cardassian rank - on TNG, well before Dukat ever existed as a character. "The Wounded", I believe it was. Although it did feature Marc Alaimo, as a different Gul (Macet, who in the novels is Dukat's cousin).
Yeah. And then there was Gul Madred and Gul Lemec. That would have to be one very popular first name on Cardassia... Also, when do officers get called by their first name?! That would be like everyone calling Picard "Jean-Luc", rather than just Beverly, or everyone calling Sisko "Ben". Or aliens concluding that "Captain" must be a very popular name on Earth.
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