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Re: THE CAPE "Scales On A Train" Jan 24th *Spoilers!*


They got their shit together.

That was watchable.

Not impressive, but watchable.

though that was a reasonable spanner in the works for Orwell being Chess's daughter... Holy shit. Gentlemen. imagine this. When "Orwell" finall reveals herself as the daughter of Chess... She's going to drop that phoney American accent she's using and start speaking with some gorgeous British accent which she was born with, why/how else wouldn't her father recognize the sound of his own daughters voice? Impressive though that she can keep up an accent while drinking beer all the time with Faraday.

Did she hand out a name in the third episode because I think her name might be Georgette.

They went to town on scales make up this time not so subtle, actually made him look like Killer Croc.

And the kid proved that he was not just a light snack in the making for a sex offender

Good for him..

So is Faraday going to fall for Orwell? Technically he's not married, but if he wants the missuss back this is completely Ross and Rachel since they do seem to be on a break.

I think Max publishes/writes The Cape comic.

Good to see some conflict with mission statements between Max and Faraday.

Where the hell was the dreamy little blonde girl?
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