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Re: Special Episode of Hawaii 5-0 on tonight! (Sunday)

Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
It's the first time I've seen it since the premiere. I usually am stuck at work on Monday nights. It's not bad. McGarrett and Danno are kind of cute. I take it the money not being missing is going to be an ongoing mystery.
They're even cuter in some of the other episodes. They kind of snark at each other... well, Steve usually does something out of line and Danno gets upset about it and bitches him out. And then Steve just turns around and does something worse. It's funny.

Starbreaker wrote: View Post
I would have watched, but I'm about four episodes behind. I really like the Danno/McGarrett relationship, but I think the plots are weak.
Yeah, they definitely can be. There's a lot of implausibility in this show... not sure if it's worse than other CBS procedurals, but it can get pretty outlandish. I think tonight's episode took it further than most do. But it's fun; I'd definitely categorize it as a guilty pleasure.
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