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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

I just don't understand what their plan is? I mean obviously they want to sell up for a profit, but that isn't going to happen until we at least look like we might make the Prem! If they could just get us promoted they'd likely be able to make a big profit! I realise they got their fingers burnt over Jewell's signings but at the moment they're like the guy who swears off all women and becomes a hermit just because he had one bad experience!

And what makes it worse is that I don't think we're that far away from being a team that can challenge for the playoffs; and how much would a decent striker (or two) actually cost? I don't get the impression Swansea paid that much for Luke Moore, and they'd probably have let us had Kuqui for next to nothing! Loans don't propel us forwards long term, they can help, but the core needs to be there and at the moment we have no core up front. What worries me even more is that both Porter and Davis are out of contract in the summer I beleive, what happens then? In the same way Billy D used to obsess over fullbacks and midfielders to the detriment of other areas that needed strengthening, Clough sees obsessed with the three offensive midfielders, which is fine but if there's no one playing in front of them we're screwed!

I do sometimes worry how much Clough is to blame as well, he seems very reluctant to sign players sometimes, and he can't not know he needs a permanant signing up front? He can't truly believe Porter, Steve Davis and a loan striker is enough?

Unfortunately I don't even see how the fans protesting can do any good. The board are never here so will they even notice if there are placards? They don't even seem that bothered by attendences dropping!
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