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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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Mercy - A beautiful peice.

Jupiter - Oh I adore it! I vow to me thy country is my no1 hymn which is set to part of Jupiter, so to combine that with STV and Im in HEAVEN.

Kiss of a Spider - RFLOL. A genius peice. OMG that spider brooch would get me running for the nearest chair screaming my head off.

All I need Wthin Temptation - I loved it! Well done, continue the great work!

This was the closest I could find to spiderwomen


Voyagers title with Dr Who music - I think it really works well:



Janeway as Alice

My favourite Avril one redone:
Loved the redone Avril...

B'Elanna is DEFINATELY anything BUT!!!!

Janeway truly must have felt like Alice down the rabbit hole in YOH!

"Which bones I should break first???" Janeway, sweetie, honey, you love her as much as you love Chak!

I've loved that Dr Who music since I first discovered the show back in the 1980s.

As for Janeway... She really IS my superwoman. Despite all who have come before and since, she is the one that's most firmly imprinted herself upon my psyche. Hallelujah, baby!

And old fav... tried and true.

"A Caprain's Destiny"
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