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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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As for the teardrop-shaped ships, they are not my invention, but that of James Swallow. Those ships first appeared in his excellent Day of the Vipers.
Interesting, I honestly can't remember that happening and I loved that book. Can you remind me what were the circumstances of their appearance?
Thank you very much. I remember the scene now.

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A few odds and ends: I didn't like the sudden appearance of Sela because her role in the book felt rather superflous and added little and could have been any random Romulan (plus we still don't know how she got out of a coma and Federation custody, but that's not George's fault).
We've already seen her subsequent to Double or Nothing - she was in Death in Winter (also with no explanation).
Right, which is why I said we "still don't know" and how it wasn't George's fault (because MJF already brought her back without explanation).

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In fact, did Sisko interact with the Tzenkethi at all in this novel? I don't remember him being connected to the Tzenkethi story aside from those flashback sequences. I kept expecting Sisko to get put into a sticky situation with the aliens, and that it would tie into his past encounter with them. But that didn't happen.
You're correct that Sisko and the Tzenkethi had no interaction in "present day" aside from Sisko briefly seeing the marauders on the Robinson viewscreen. I also kept expecting Sisko would have a nasty encounter with the Tzenkethi that would relate to his time during the war.
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