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Re: Jan. Challenge: "On the Conservation of Species"

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A good story, I'm glad you left it open ended, because it was the debate more than the end result that was the most important thing, IMO. Like Dnoth I'm not familiar with your work, but you definitely put a lot of time into building your universe and it pays off. I enjoyed the points and counterpoints and it reminded me of a lot of debates we are having in the US regarding immigration and religious tolerance. So, the social timeliness is very much in the tradition of Star Trek.
You might laugh...but I was actually deep enough into my universe as I wrote that the US parallels weren't really that clear to me until I read it back. I just wish that in real life, we could discuss things calmly like these people did.

There are key differences, though, between the AU Cardassian government and the US. Parts of their government remain overtly religious, so what the religious authorities say has a chance--though not an uncontested chance--to become law. I do not believe that we humans can pull that off without serious problems, though.

Anyway...thanks for taking the time to read this.

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