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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Yes. There is, unfortunately, a history of cops in the US deciding to pull people over because they thought a person with that appearance could not legitimately be driving that car. It actually happened to my boss on multiple occasions, and I believe him, when he talks about it.
That's not nice indeed
Thankfully my boss is the kind of person to see the humor even in awkward incidents--especially because he's the kind of person who always seems to think of the right thing to say at the right time, and he can make someone squirm (even a cop!) if they try something like that. So there's always a funny part of the story to tell; he doesn't tell the story to be bitter but rather because he's proud of whatever "zinger" he got off. But I still thought it wasn't nice at all, when he said that had been done to him--and sad to know that such things really do happen.

In his case, the cop didn't say what they suspected, but it was very, very, VERY clear that they did not actually have a reason for pulling him over other than prejudice.

But that's not how Toral thought. It didn't occur to him that this human was a Cardassian citizen, he thought it was a Federation citizen. In Cardassian property. The Cardassians don't give away their property
That's what I meant when I said that Toral probably wasn't experiencing malicious prejudice. It's more like he doesn't really know how to watch himself to avoid the more subconscious types of prejudice. He's not the kind (I don't think) who would use a racial slur or commit obvious forms of abuse the way we used to hear about Cardassian soldiers doing. But sometimes the more subtle kinds of prejudice take more effort to get rid of, and the fact that he forgets there are non-Cardassian citizens of the Union does show that he still experiences a form of bias. It's not the "I want to kill all those ______'s" type of bias, but it's still something to work past.

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I see...I had never seen more than 2 on any of your ships before (either the Damar or the Roumar), so I got confused.
In the Shadow story there were 3 glinns aboard the Damar: Ya'val, Karama and Zamarran.
Ohh...I never noticed that Ya'val was a glinn.

Who knows...maybe I stopped counting after I saw Karama and Zamarran, since in my own stories there are usually only two who report to one gul.

BTW...why hasn't Aladar gotten a promotion? It sounds like his responsibilities have really increased...
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