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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Cannibal! The Musical is great, and I love that it couldn't get a place at Sundance but was eventually picked up by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Films.

As for "Season of The Witch" and "The Tourist", I'd like to think I'm capable of thinking for myself when it comes to a movie, book, album or anything along those subjective lines. I can think of several films I loved that were roundly unpopular with both critics and viewers ("Masked and Anonymous" is a good one--I've met perhaps five people in the last six years who liked that movie as much as I did). With films I watch the trailer, do a little reading and make an informed judgment. Sometimes I still surprise myself by liking or disliking the movie in spite of what I imagine I'm going to get. I do my best to go into any film with an open mind, but it's usually impossible for me to go in with absolutely no expectations.

With "Season of The Witch" I see a cheesy rip-off of "The Seventh Seal". I could wind up enjoying the movie whenever I get around to seeing it, but quite frankly I just wasn't impressed by anything I've seen in the trailers. The same goes for "The Tourist". It looks like a really boring couple of hours where everyone is just phoning in a disinterested performance and going home. Indeed Angelina Jolie all but admitted that she accepted the role so she could take her kids on a nice vacation.

I could be wrong about that one, too.

I'll probably give it a shot, but I do believe there's some merit to my instincts when it comes to whether or not I'm going to enjoy a movie. Again I try to give everything a certain allowance for being able to surprise me, but I can only extend that allowance so far.
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