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Re: Batman's Rogues gallery in the Nolan-Verse

Prometheus has always been kind of lame. That's why when Morrison wrote him, he was kind of cool, but no one else seems to know how, because only Morrison understood how the character worked. Kind of a starfucker and attention-seeker. "You wrote excruciating poetry as a child, I can tell." There's other valid interpretations, I guess, but no one's ever developed one that stuck.

Besides, Prometheus was a JLA villain, and most (or all?) of the neat things he ever did were . An anti-Batman in the Nolanverse would, I expect, wind up looking like a reworked, non-joke Silver Age Killer Moth.

Of course, there's always Azrael, or Bane, or Deadshot, or, if his name didn't sound so stupid next to Batman's, I'd love to see Thomas "Catman" Blake.

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