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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

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Whoa! Brenok sent Laran into harm's way without even telling Jarol he was going to do it! Brenok may not have risked their friendship before--but now it really could be at risk because now he's put Jarol's only child in mortal danger.
He knows she'd try to stop him and he'd have to pull rank again. He thinks this way is better. If he's right, that's another matter.
While I'd hate to see this destroy their friendship...I think this could do it.

Do you mean that he assumed the Hideki was stolen? Well, it was outside Cardassian territory, not so close to any former-Fed colony and he expected to see Cardassians inside. It wouldn't occur to him that there would be anyone else at the helm and when he saw a human, he assumed the guy had stolen a Cardassian ship. I'm not saying it justifies him, but that's what he thought.
Yes. There is, unfortunately, a history of cops in the US deciding to pull people over because they thought a person with that appearance could not legitimately be driving that car. It actually happened to my boss on multiple occasions, and I believe him, when he talks about it.

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How come Toral has 3 glinns? I count Lorrun, Tassar, and Korel...
Korel is his aide, Glinn Grade Two. The others are heads of departments, Grade One.
I see...I had never seen more than 2 on any of your ships before (either the Damar or the Roumar), so I got confused.
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