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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

1. The Fighter: B-
2. Batman(90's saga): A-,B-,C-,D
3. Star Wars OT-Special Edition: B+, A, B
4. The Green Hornet: B
5. True Grit(1969): C+
6. Lord of the Rings saga: (A,A,A)
7. The Machinist: A-
8. Season of the Witch: B

It's really not a horrible film despite what you may have seen from critics. Again, why do people listen to them? Is it an Oscar winner, no. Is it deserving of a 5% score on RottenTomatoes...HELL NO!!

It's a straight forward period piece with some modest yet effective CGI. A few cliche lines but they are delivered with honest intent. The cinematography was nice, except the dessert scenes, those felt the most CGI'd imo. If you saw the trailer then you know going in that the "witch" isn't innocent. There is an interesting twist in the 3rd act. Not a "sixth sense" twist mind you but they do alter things a bit from where we had thought we were headed.

A fun movie. An entertaining movie.
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