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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

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- Crichton's goodbye scene was very sad, of course, but just as poignant, I thought, was Stark saying "I have no prayer for this" as the Scarren dreadnought was destroyed by the displacement weapon.
The first time I saw this episode, the tension in that scene was absolutely insane. Watching the Dreadnought get swallowed up by the wormhole was super intense, and the silence that followed was unbelievably eerie. To have that silence broken by Aeryn's crying (of all things!), "Crichton, are you--?"...I had chills. Absolutely fantastic.

Obviously, Crichton's death was super depressing, and yes, it was really sneaky of the writers to basically give John everything he wanted -- the power of wormholes, the ability to go home, his dream girl agreeing to go home with him, and Harvey removed from his mind -- only to kill him off, yet still leaving a Crichton intact on the other ship.

Things are about to get weird.
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