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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

I'm gratified that my little thread has been useful for others to discuss their first times watching the show, too. Keep it coming, folks! It also helps keep the thread alive when I have days in between episodes.
QUOTE=RoJoHen;4670893]I actually enjoy "Meltdown." I've never understood the hate it receives.[/QUOTE]
I wouldn't say I hate it, per se. Saying that it "sucked" might have been rather harsh, in hindsight. I didn't like it, but it's still not necessarily an episode I'd skip when doing a rewatch. It did use Stark to a greater degree than most episodes seem to, which is a plus.
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Fortunately, I'm a patient man, and I'm getting the sense that the series is about to kick it into high gear very soon.
Your patience will be rewarded.
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I'm enjoying the show a lot and sad that I'm almost to the halfway point.
Tell me about it! I'm halfway through season three. I don't want to think about this experience ending, but I don't really have that much left to watch.

Scratch 'n Sniff
- My first real amused moment with this episode came when I was only about a minute into it, with the quick flashback to John and D'Argo grumbling about which one of them pissed off Pilot. They really do act like brothers.

- I can't really formulate any thoughts on specific aspects of this episode. As a whole piece, it's probably the most hilarious and outright insane episode of anything I have ever seen - and I loved it. I don't have a single quibble with anything.

Infinite Possibilities Part I: Daedalus Demands
- It's cool to see the show returning to what seemed like a one-off story back in season one with Furlow's return. I know I was told not to forget about that episode, but actually reaching this point is different from knowing that I needed to keep it in mind. I also think it's neat to have "Jack" the Ancient playing a larger, obvious role in an episode.

- Aeryn, Crichton, and Crais are becoming a pretty good team in ground assaults.

- Rygel hasn't seemed to have a lot to do so far in this season, so I find the fleshing-out of Hynerian history regarding the Charrids interesting. We haven't seen him in a vengeful mood since Durka and I don't know that I blame him for "interrogating" the prisoner, based on that history. Watching him operate the cannon was pretty fun too.

- I commented during a previous episode that I didn't think there was a more dysfunctional duo than Rygel & Stark. Watching Stark trying to aid Crais with Talyn makes me reconsider a bit. "Oh, great. The half-blind leading the blind," indeed, Rygel.

- Holy crap. Harvey in full control of John's body? Talk about scary to have two Scorpys in the physical realm... Also, Browder does a good job with his own version of Scorpy's speaking style.

- Good episode. Nicely tense with the ticking clock of the approaching Scarren dreadnought and the need to destroy the module copy to keep the Scarrens and Charrids from gaining wormhole technology. Some good old-fashioned "shooting shit up" with the assault on the compound and the subsequent defense, especially giving Rygel an opportunity for active involvement operating the cannon.

Infinite Possibilities Part Two: Icarus Abides
- I said "scary" before, but now have to add "creepy" due to this episode's teaser and Harvey's comment about "sharing" Crichton's body with Aeryn. As entertaining as Harvey has been, I'm still damn glad (this?) Crichton's hitchhiker is gone and that Harvey wasn't able to hold onto his body (though that could have been an interesting storyline...).

- Rygel requesting food in order to keep his energy up and push through the pain of his shrapnel wound is impressive bravery from an individual who so rarely shows courage. It's always nice to see Rygel rising above his base instincts for flight. I hope that at some point he realizes that's capable of more than running, just as we the audience are given opportunities to see.

- I'm not at all surprised that Furlow turned on Crichton and company, that she had been playing them the entire time. She's too much of a slimy businesswoman to not pursue a deal with the Scarrens.

- Aeryn agreed to go back to Earth with John! Even though they don't end up living there, I'm glad she had decided to do so. Particularly bittersweet contrasted with this Crichton sacrificing himself to save the others. I'm now expecting that, post-crew reintegration, Aeryn and the other John will be estranged for a time.

- The writers were pretty devious here, allowing one Crichton to interact with "Jack" and have his hidden wormhole knowledge unlocked so that he could use it as a weapon, yet then have that Crichton die so that one-Crichton moving forward still has to work for the knowledge.

- Crichton's goodbye scene was very sad, of course, but just as poignant, I thought, was Stark saying "I have no prayer for this" as the Scarren dreadnought was destroyed by the displacement weapon.

- Over these last two episodes, the show is really screwing with Aeryn. Both episodes have closed with her crying over Crichton's body.
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