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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

"Don't Laugh at Me", makes me want to cry.


Chariots has long been in my list, I just haven't watched it in a while... thanks for reminding me.

Your J/7 reminded me of another old fav... (Yes, I AM a J/Cer... I always feel like I'm "twotiming" them when I present an "opposing view". )

Love that Jurassic park music... have you heard this one?
(Not JP music, but classical "The Planets, Jupiter")

"The Journey", how sweetly sad. You're KILLING me, Purdybear!

The Voy trailer was good, liked how they used the going hoome speech as a voice over for the first half.

OKAY... too much sadness so for a change of pace (And I don't care if its a repeat. Some just SHOULD be!)

Kiss of the Spider woman.

ETA: IIRC, a few months back I was talking about Janeway's crystal spider hair broach for her Arachnia costume. It can be seen here, quite well, at 2:07
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