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Re: Exploring the Uncharted Territories: A Farscape Viewing Experience

I'm around the same place as Daneel.

I just watched the Something Dog episode after the Princess trilogy. I really like this show and the fact they go to different worlds that feel different, unlike Stargate. I like the fact there is an overall arc to the show, but the show isn't weighed down by it.

My favorite is the fact that a stand alone episode si sometimes brought into more depth like the one where John made it home to a made up Earth. The alien was just trying to see if Earth was paradise. In turn we find out that he sticks in some help with wormhole technology to help John make it home, which leads to the bad guy of the show wanting John.

There are few black / white moments on the show, you think the creator is "bad" but it's just living it's life, it needs to eat, and you feel bad for them. The "heroes" are all flawed but deep deep down mainly care for each other, even if it's after they care for themselves.

I'm enjoying the show a lot and sad that I'm almost to the halfway point.
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