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Re: Storage Wars

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other than wanting to strangle that little bastard who is there just to make everybody pay more (is he an asshole for assholes sake or is he doing it for the camera?) it's an all right show
Ah yeah, Dave. Class A Jerk, he is.

I guess it's more about the characters than whatever is inside the lockers.

First, we've got the clown ... Oh, and the only one whose name I remember is Dave, so I'm going with descriptions. Anyway, there's this guy who has got to be in his 70s, and just reminds me of a slimy used car salesman. At one point, he brought in a midget on stilts (who ended up being two inches taller than he was) to get a better read on whatever was in the various lockers. And then last week, he brought in a pair of psychics so he would make sure he got the right lockets. Um, what?

Then there's the tall guy with the son he's training. He seems bipolar. Maybe it's the editing, but he seems to go from "tree hugging hippie" to "we're going to kill you now" back and forth within the same breath. He's a jerk at times, but nothing like the screamer Dave.

The husband and wife duo ... Oh she has him whipped for sure. He can't (and won't) do anything without her approval. And even when he does do exactly what she tells him to, she criticizes it. The only time she's happy is when she gets a locker and it's worth more than she thought. Otherwise, it's entirely his fault.

Then there's Dave. He's got more money than he knows what to do with, and throws it around. He *thinks* he's a lot smarter than he is. One example, he was looking in this locker and starts loudly criticizing it, for foreign made tools or something. Then we get to the "confessional" part, and he says he has tricks that nobody can figure out, and that's one ... criticize it and nobody else will bid, so he can get it cheap. Um, nope. He's transparent.

Everyone else is content to nod their heads or make hand gestures. He has to do the loudest "yeeeeeppppp" he can, to make sure everybody notices him.

If he doesn't want something, but thinks somebody else does, he bids against them just to cost them more money. The more he can do that, the less money his competition has.

And he keeps making more money. Like the locker full of newspapers. He had no idea what it was, but somebody else wanted it. He couldn't have that, so he outbid them ... Then found out the couple hundred bucks he paid turned into around 60 grand. They were all about Elvis and his death, were valuable, and he had no idea what he had on his hands. Except a lot of profit.

I have nothing against someone making profit, and if they have money, using it to make more money, but he really is an arrogant asshole. Were he nicer, I'd probably enjoy his antics. But he's not.
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