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Re: classic Who should be in colour..

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2 out of a billion fans agree..2 out of a billion.. haha hahaha.. Sorry josan, I didn't realise there had been other threads on this same subject..

however, it does show to me that there is at least some others who are interested in this subject as I..

so like I said, even if I know the vast majority are against it, I feel comforted in knowing there are some others of the same mindset..

that said, if the BBC did release some colourised epi's would you turn them down?
Yes I would turn them down - what possible reason would I have to buy them in colour when I already have them in B&W!?

Colourising would make no difference to the scripts, direction or performances so what does it actually give us.

Surely the only reason to have them in colour is to get extra sales among people who won't watch B&W and lets face it if they can't cope with B&W the pacing and style of the 60's episodes will be just as problematic!

I would like to see the rest of the missing episodes animated as we don't have the originals. CGI effects are fine as a DVD extra but otherwise no thanks.
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