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Re: classic Who should be in colour..

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If we're talking about how we'd like to see the classic series given a new prominence, I'd much rather see the missing episodes animated, a la The Invasion.

Color isn't going to do much to make the older shows more accessible. Even if they somehow could remaster them in 3-D, it's still not the kind of story-telling that's going to grab a lot of new viewers.

And that Menoptera convinces me--these are stories where the visuals aren't exactly the most compelling aspect, if you know what I mean.
that is true, but then again I see by your avatar you like the animated trek..which then I can assume you like the classic trek as well...and well, some of the classic trek's visuals were lets say... interesting..

they were in colour.. and I still like them..

I also prefer the classic lost in space in colour as apposed to it's original black and white format.. so maybe hokey and campy looks more realistic in black and white, but honestly for me, the colourised versions just stand out more and endear themselves to me more..

in all honesty I would rather the original missing epissodes found their way back to the BBC as apposed to animation placed in to supplant the missing.. however with no sight of the missing episodes surfacing as of yet, I would also second your wanting them to release those animated ones..

however, I wouldn't mind a (star wars the clone wars cartoon style) retelling of the lost episodes in that animated style, but set to the original sound track of the lost serials..

honestly if we are going to retcon the classic Who, might as well do it right in 3D CGI
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