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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - "Strength Without Sacrifice is Useless"

Rayak Nor
Day 1

“Gul Brenok,” Colissa greeted him coldly when he entered the office. “What brings you here?”

Brenok noticed that the office was fully staffed; that included Colissa, Demok and three other legal clerks whose names he did not know.

“We have a situation on one of colonies and their prefect has requested a civilian to lead the rescue mission.”

“If you think I will roam around the sector aboard some stinky warship, then you are very wrong, young man. Gul.” She corrected herself quickly. “Travelling here was enough.”

Brenok ignored her blunder. “Actually I was thinking about someone else,” his eyes went to the young sub-archon.

“Him? He’s merely a child!”

Brenok ignored her again. Demok was twenty-four; Brenok at this age was already an engineer aboard the Groumall with all responsibilities of an adult. The gul believed Demok was ready for a real job and intended to give him a chance to prove it. He also thought that a Cardassian of post-war generation would make a less negative impression on the hostile prefect from the colony in trouble.

“Sub-Archon Demok,” Brenok looked at the Cardassian, his face expression all business-like. “I would like you to take the leadership for this assignment.” He could not order him, Demok was not a soldier, all he could do was to ask politely and accept refusal.

“Madam Archon?” Demok looked at his boss. So did Brenok.

She seemed to consider it for a moment—a moment too long for Brenok’s taste—and then nodded once, sharply. “All right. I can grant you a leave but only for one week. Your mission completed or not, you are back here in ten days.”

“Yes, Madam Archon,” Demok said, raising from his chair. “Thank you, Madam Archon.”

“Don’t break any laws,” she said menacingly and then turned away. It was clear that for her the matter was closed.

Brenok and Demok left the office.

“I give you twenty minutes to pack some necessities and then beam to the Damar. I’ll give you a Hideki and two medics.”


“I’ll fill you in when you’re aboard the Damar.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen.”

“Just don’t forget your toothbrush.”


Brenok smiled. “It’s Gul Brenok for now, Sub-Archon.”

“Does mom know?”

“I’ll tell her after you leave.”

“Oh, boy.”

Demok jogged away and Brenok headed for the station’s infirmary.

Both medics, Taret and Albek, were conversing when the gul entered their kingdom. Taret welcomed Brenok with a smile, Albek with raised eye ridges.

“What can we do for you, sir?” Taret asked.

“Actually, I came for Medic Albek.”

“What can I do for you, sir?” the dishevelled Cardassian asked.

“There is an emergency on one of our colonies and we need medical staff. Please choose two nurses. Medic Boreep will accompany you, too.”

“I see. What kind of emergency?”

“A virus caused a plague.”

Taret’s eyes opened wider. “Can I help?”

“I’d rather have someone stay here, on the station.”

“Is it in danger too?”

“Not if I can help it, but we can’t leave such populated an outpost without a medic.”

Taret nodded his agreement. He looked at Albek. “We’ll be in touch.”

“Of course,” the younger man replied, then looked at Brenok. “When do we leave?”

“In fifteen minutes.”

“I will need to gather some equipment.”

“Make it fast and make it fit into a Hideki shuttle.”

“Understood, Gul.”

Brenok left the infirmary and pressed his wristcomm. “Brenok to Karama.”

Karama here, sir.

“Prepare shuttle Eheen for departure.”

Errr, sir, I have already prepared the Elar.”
Brenok smiled to himself. He liked when his aide was thinking ahead. “The Elar it is, then. Sub-Archon Demok, Medic Albek and his two nurses are assigned to this mission. Assign them three additional gareshes. No, make that two. I’ll get the third one.”

Acknowledged,” Karama confirmed and signed off.

Brenok entered a lift and said, “The tactical.”

The lift took him directly to the tactical centre. The chamber was smaller than the command but apart from that almost identical. It wasn’t heavily manned but at that time it was not necessary.

The gul looked around to locate the man he came for and noticed him in the pit, over an advanced tactical table that made even the one aboard the Damar look like a poor cousin.

“Garesh Aladar,” Brenok called, descending toward the man. “Where is Garesh Dalar?”

“Here,” Dalar’s voice came from somewhere above. Brenok turned to look up at the man in the golden armour.

“Dalar, I need to steal Aladar. I hope you can spare him.”

“Do I have a choice?” Dalar asked. He did not smile—he never did—but Brenok knew it was a show of Dalar’s sense of humour, not a defiance.

“No,” the gul asnwered.

Aladar approached Brenok. “What is the assignment, sir?” he asked directly.

“I’ll explain later. You have ten minutes to take necessary things. For now you need to know this involves a colony, a virus and a plague.”

“I’ll be ready in five.”

Brenok didn’t expect anything else.

Aladar, very much like Demok earlier, jogged away and disappeared in a descending lift. Brenok went to the transporter pad.

“Beam me back to the Damar,” he told an officer on duty.

“Yes, sir,” came the reply and a moment later the gul was back aboard his warship.

CUW Damar
Day 1

Brenok pressed his wristcomm again. “Karama, meet me in the shuttle bay by the Elar.”

On my way, sir.

When Brenok arrived to the shuttle bay, Demok was already waiting there by the chosen Hideki class shuttle.

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