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Re: Ongoing Community Discussion Thread

There's a line from Greg the Bunny pilot which I think covers fancying girlwomen dancing on the jail bait line...

"Give me one reason, one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?!"


Annie was way hotter than britta ever was and you're right Jeff has problems, he's really too dysfunctional to be in a relationship with anyone. Hell's I saw Shirley in The Loop from 2006, and it seems that her only re.... Women are beautiful at any wage.


"Nice sweater."

"Thanks, it was my dads."

Cheap shot at his chidstar infamcy.

Funny as fuck though.

Did you see Yevette on the Soup last week?

"Oh, so you think only ONE black woman can start her own network this week?"

Sure it was scripted but she ripped Joel a new one.
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