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Re: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts Of Empire review thread

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It'll be quite a challenge updating chronological placement of this novel on Memory Beta. I'm at eight months after the events of Lost Souls (the end of the Borg threat). I'll have to go back and see how much time elapsed between Sisko having turned down a promotion to admiral and resigning and the events that spurred to rejoin Starfleet (one would think Jim Kirk gave him the same advice he gave Picard ).

Glancing at Memory Beta, I see that this changing of the guard in the Romulan Empire happened well before the main events of ZSG. Sorry, Rush Limborg. Hope that completely destroy your current story.

Actually, revising the tale wasn't as difficult as I'd feared. (The villains are the Breen, now, and it ties into a decision Ezri made towards the end of ZSG--which had actually caused a controversy in that book's review thread!

Too bad, though, I had to remove a reference to the Tal Shiar, and a nice scene with Donatra, referring to her friendly cameraderie with Ezri...)

I should post it in about a month or so. Look for it.
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