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Re: Buddy Keys for Star Trek Online

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Alright, been lurking here awhile now, so I thought I'd share my Buddy keys. I have three of them that came with my CE of STO. Yes, these are the Guest Passes with 10 days of game time. Now, to get one of these keys you have to use one of the Referral keys below.Post here when you do, along with what key you used, and your email address (like this; johndoe at verizon dot net), I will check STO's site to ensure that the key has been used, and I will email you with the Buddy key within a day or two. I'll update this post as codes are used.

Thats it, no other strings attached. I've been a fan of ST for about 30 years now, and I love STO, so much so I purchased a Lifetime membership a couple of months ago. I'm doing this because I want to benefit from the special items you get when you refer a friend, and if I benefit then I want you to benefit.

Now, this is exclusive to Trek BBS, I am not posting this elsewhere. First come first serve. Again, I only have three 10-Day Guest Passes. I posted a fourth referral key in case someone has a friend that wants to play. Have him/her use the referral key before he/she enters his/her retail key.

Please only use one key per NEW account. If you've already used a referral key, these keys won't help you.

Referral Keys, enter them here


One key has reopened, a friend I gave it to hasn't claimed it. Still have 2 10-day passes left for those who claimed a key and want it. Just post your email here as instructed in the above quote.
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