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Re: A General Science Refresher

Rageforthemachine wrote: View Post
Some books I have found most helpful:

Asimov's New Guide To Science: Obviously dated, but very encyclopedic. Clear reading, but Asimov doesn't dumb it down either.

The Sciences: An Integrated Approach: Another encyclopedic work that also shows the relationships and themes that guide science. Bit of a conundrum though, the newer of a version you get the much steeper the price.

Science Matters: By the same authors as above, but much more concise, readable, and especially cheaper.

Almost Everyone's Guide To Science: Gribbin wrote the In Search Of books some of my favorite intros to topics in Physics/Astronomy. Very readable.
I'll check those out, thank you.

Great Mambo Chicken wrote: View Post
But, really, what is meant by "general" science when every field nowadays tends to be so specialised as to be nearly incomprehensible to anyone working in a different field? It's a depth versus breadth trade off.
True, but there should be at least a basic cover-all general science book. It doesn't have to get too deep, but it should hit a nice number of the basics like meteorology, geology, biology, astronomy, physics, etc.

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MetalPants wrote: View Post
I always found Stephen Hawking's books to be good myself.
Universe in a Nutshell is a nice mind bender for sure.
Universe in a Nutshell is a good book.

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