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Re: Favorite children's books

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Some of our favorites include the Very Hungry Caterpillar...
That was one of the books I learnt to read with, so has a special place in my heart. The Richard Scarry/Busytown books were another fave, and I liked Narnia, Babar, Mr Men and Asimov too, though I suppose the last are more universal books than a children's books as such.

Actually, in much the same vein, I remain impressed to this day by the Asterix comics. They are so brilliantly written (or perhaps I should say, re-written, during thier English translation), with a wonderful array of jokes and allusions to appeal to just about any educational and maturity level. Just occasionally, even now if I re-read them, I get a subtle joke that I never did before. They are that intelligent. The translators (Anthea Bell & Derek Hockridge) are/were remarkably well-read and witty (I'm willing to bet they had Oxbridge educations, based on the nature of the jokes), in some ways much more so than the original writer (I've read a couple of the comics in the original French), and introduced a lot more layers to the humour.
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