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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

8. North by Northwest (A)
9. All of Me (B-)
10. Raw Deal [1948] (B-)
11. The Green Hornet (D+)

Raw Deal: This is perhaps one of the best photographed films I've ever seen, and it also features a wonderfully haunting musical score (especially the music that plays over the dreamy voice overs). It's also an entry into film noir, a style/genre/whatever that I particularly enjoy. Yet its script is pretty terrible. The entire third act hinges on one character to reverse her opinion of the main character for no reason. Dialogue can be pretty heavy handed (like when a murder on the run is killed right in front of the main character, an escaped convict, and another character says right to him, "that could be you" as if it wasn't totally evident). In the end, it's beautiful to look at, but less well-constructed when the story is concerned.

The Green Hornet: A tonal mis-mash of a movie, it's occasionally (but rarely) fun. Most of the time, it's squandering a (mostly) terrific cast (except for Jay Chou, who is exceptional despite his weak English) and struggling to decide if it's a comedy, a drama, or some hybrid of the two. It never does figure that out. If there's a sequel, it needs a new set of writers and probably a new director, too (Gondry adds a disappointingly small touch of his usual whimsy to the proceedings).
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