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Ah, but there is no "hidden row." Think about it.

If most veins are 2x2, then having two parallel horizontal shafts with 3 blocks in between is guaranteed to expose the vein in at least one of the shafts.
Oh yeah, I realize this, but it would still come off visually as one row being hidden. That would bother me.

And that's an impressive looking mineshaft, btw. I tend to dig down on a 45 degree angle, myself. Makes it a bit more work to get back to the surface, but I find it makes the digging process more flexible—I can avoid caves and lava pools if I want\need to.
That actually used to be my strategy. On my last world, I zigzagged up and down, diagonally, across the landscape. What I found is that you go through shovels/pickaxes pretty quickly that way and the payoff isn't so great. The branching mineshaft strategy is much more productive as far as I have seen.
Oh, I still use the branching tunnel approach, but to actually go down to the bedrock, say, I zig-zag.
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