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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

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Shes also pushing 60 which puts her outside the likely age range for the part. Maybe an Admiral on the show. Every captain cast so far as the lead in the previous series has been 30's-40's and thats likely to continue. If they did diverge from that trend, it would almost certainly be in the other direction: late 20's, not late 50's-early 60's.
When cast, Patrick Stewart was 47 but looked much older and was playing an older character. Avery Brooks was 45 but his character was only a commander at that stage. Scott Bakula was 47. Kate Mulgrew was 40. Only Shatner was in his 30s.

But then again, looking at the ages of the cast in nuTrek, you're probably right, they'll cast younger next time out. Which probably won't happen for a long time anyway, by which time CCH will probably be pushing 70!
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