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I suppose, but I think the completist in me would get annoyed at the hidden row.
Ah, but there is no "hidden row." Think about it.

If most veins are 2x2, then having two parallel horizontal shafts with 3 blocks in between is guaranteed to expose the vein in at least one of the shafts.
Oh yeah, I realize this, but it would still come off visually as one row being hidden. That would bother me.

And that's an impressive looking mineshaft, btw. I tend to dig down on a 45 degree angle, myself. Makes it a bit more work to get back to the surface, but I find it makes the digging process more flexible—I can avoid caves and lava pools if I want\need to.
That actually used to be my strategy. On my last world, I zigzagged up and down, diagonally, across the landscape. What I found is that you go through shovels/pickaxes pretty quickly that way and the payoff isn't so great. The branching mineshaft strategy is much more productive as far as I have seen.

Digging the big shaft straight down was just for fun, really. That stone walkway at the very top leads from my base lobby (just a small workshop area in a shack) to an underground tree farm, connected to which is another workshop, a storage room, and then a corridor that leads to a ladder, which goes all the way up into that castle/tower in my other picture. I like to have everything connected.
You wish you could move like this.
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