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Definitely Herbert. Maybe.
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Re: ENTER: Misc Avatar Contest: "Sepia"

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I'll enter too.

I chose a very important man.

Here's to you, Chief Sitting Bull:

I do not know in which year this particular picture was taken, it was certainly in the 19th century since he died in 1890.
According to this (PDF document - look for image 09i) the original photo was taken in August 1885 by Montreal photographers William Notman & Son. The feathers were later (in 1904?) added or retouched by F.A. Rinehart of Omaha. Some of these details can be made out from writing on the uncropped image.
The motto of the Corbettite Order seems to be Ite Animose... a Latin phrase that can be translated as "go courageously." Alternatively, it can be rendered as "boldly go," which bears a striking resemblance to a phrase heard during the opening credits of a certain popular television series.
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