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Re: Some science fiction "firsts"

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What, no love for Jules Verne?

And Forbidden Planet is a version of The Tempest, which makes Shakespeare one of the earliest science fiction authors.

Well it almost feels a given that Verne and Wells came up with a lot of "firsts". I wanted to focus on things Sci-fi fans took for granted and were less well known...thing we almost feel were only invented in our lifetimes.

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Smallest launchable nuke I've seen is a two-man 102mm recoilless rifle version.
Presumably the Davy Crockett from the 60's.

I guess if you had powered armour, you'd be strong enough to tote it under your arm.

The 60's also gave us the Aeropack.

The trouble is that the more technology you have, the more likely it is to break down at a critical moment, or to screw up and kill the operator.
That didn't stop anyone from building supercomputers, electromagnetic rails guns, nuclear aircraft carriers or the like.

Jet/rocket packs seem to be one of the most spectacular failures of 20th century sci-fi speculation so far. Only two modern examples exist and they are barely more advanced than the the US military versions in the 60s.

..on that note...the first known rocketpack? Possibly 1928 in Amazing.


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